A Youth Backpacker in Europe - Foreword


Touring Europe, it is indeed a cliché. With Lonely Planet’s immense amount of publications on the northern hemisphere, it is absolutely challenging for anyone to pen down any extraordinary chapter of travel information. Not negligible is also the convenience of accessing such information, either by holding a printed copy purchased from major bookstores on hands, or with only few clicks away to essentially useful information in the cyber world.

It requires no strength for deep thought before one could simply conclude the reasoning behind the enormously pathetic poll created two weeks ago in this column: You’re not interested or you are shy (Yea, right!). Regardless of how ‘overwhelming’ the response to the poll was, the final verdict is to resume with the sharing of the grand travel trip.

By having said that, from this week onwards, there would be a series of travel stories, or travel diaries if you like it, to be shared. Most often, a city would be featured each week. However, in certain cases, an extended experience sharing session to some of the highlights and exciting events would also be presented.

What to expect are general information about a city, review of hostel, fascinating tourist destinations, expenses estimation, vital transportation and connection information, and writer’s comments, from a youth backpacker’s point of view. Therefore, remember that it is not the intention to glamorise living in Europe via this column.

Which cities would be featured? Well, if you have noticed (and deliberately ignored) the poll, then you would have learnt about cities. Nevertheless, repetition would be carried out here despite the risk of being labelled as whiner.

The cities covered during the winter trip are: Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Krakow (Poland), Prague (Czech Rep.), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Munich (Germany) and Berlin (Germany).

Besides, staying in the Netherlands currently also conveys the message that exploration to major cities in the Netherlands and its adjacent cities is affirmative. And with trip to Paris and Brussels and summer trip under plans, this column is surely intending to supply readers with the ultimate pleasure in touring Europe over the internet (provided readers share the same burning passion with the writer).

To cut short, come back soon (and I mean it literally) and join me for the endless voyage to My Grand European Journey.