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Paris_Thumbnail Paris, France London_Thumbnail London, United Kingdom Rome_Thumbnail Rome, Italy
The most visited city in the world and arguably the most beautiful city. Find out what makes Paris my most favourite city so far. More… The capital of Britain’s imperial past and the centre of Greenwich time zone. What makes the world gyrates around London? More… The eternal city of Rome has the incredible energy so powerful that it creeps into the soul of every visitor. Find out more about its charms. More…
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Istanbul, Turkey
Prague, Czech Republic
The metropolis of freedom where everything is legal, including drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam has it all. More… The only city in the world that is split between two continents. It is simply bizarre to explore Istanbul with contradicting cultures. More… An extensive historic centre and the capital of Holy Roman Empire, Prague has everything that mesmerises everyone. More…
Munich, Germany
Kraków, Poland
Zürich, Switzerland
Beer house, Olympia Park, BMW World, English Garden and many more. The Bavarian city of Munich is always alive. More… With the largest medieval town square, Kraków is only a stone throw away from the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. More… I reckon Zürich as the best living quality city in the world – a perfect balance between life and work. It is unimaginably perfect. More…