Steinan Studentby

Steinan Studentby

You can probably rent a room in a super high end condominium located in one of the hot spots in KL with RM1650, of course, nice flat mate is not included. But you can get just so little in Trondheim. - Jiann Chyuan discovers.

Many of my friends came to me in MSN and asked me about my accommodation in Trondheim. RM1650 per month is definitely not the only thing I can tell. But what exactly can I say about this luxurious room?

Don’t expect chandelier in the middle of the room or Jacuzzi in the bathroom, they are not going to exist in this apartment. No, you also cannot find floor finished with India imported pearl marble. In fact, you wouldn’t want to have marble floor because the weather is just too cold here.

No (again), I was not trying to imply that my living condition is extremely bad. Instead, this apartment that I’ve is actually one of the best apartments available for students in Trondheim. Yes, it is undeniably slightly pricier than living in Berg Studentby and Moholt Studentby. But the condition that I’ve in Steinan Studentby is far too cosy for a student, if it is not too heavenly good.

At least I’ve a double layers spring mattress. Yes, after a long day, you definitely want to have a comfortable and perhaps slightly luxurious bed to sleep on. This is exactly what I’m having. To enhance the luxury level, I added my spring mattress bed (it is just so important to mention the spring mattress, because I’m not having a foam mattress!) with bed linen bought from IKEA.

Oh, about IKEA, it is the love of every student. With such a high cost living standard in Norway, it is very surprising that goods sold in IKEA are relatively cheap. In fact, they are cheaper than what you get in Malaysia. Is it because Norway neighbours to Sweden? I don’t know, and I don’t care, as long as I’ve got cheap and high quality products.

So what else are in my room? They are a 2m height bookcase, a coffee table with one chair, a table with extended portion, a wardrobe, a table lamp, and a basin with toiletries cupboard. The total area of my room is about 12 square metres. Not too large? It is bigger than the room that you are living in now.

Of course, RM1650 is not really worth so little. It still comes with a shared common area with fully furnished kitchen and a separated bathroom and toilet. And the bonus to the money, two nice, cute Norwegian flat mates which can really be a good source for you to immerse in pure Norwegian culture.

The surrounding area is of course a criterion too important to miss. Firstly, it is too far away from campus. When we usually pay for higher rental to convenience, this isn’t applicable in Steinan. You pay for the comfort, and you need to fork out extra money for the transport. Brilliant!

To rapidKL, at least, buses here are available in high frequency and are comply with Norwegian standard, punctual!

Other than distance, you can really say nothing bad about Steinan. Peaceful and calm. Everywhere is so quiet until there was an occasion when Pia, Paulina and I got scolded by one snobbish girl, saying we have made too much noise talking and laughing at a garden. Certainly, the residents in this village expect to hear the sound of a dropped needle all the time. Wonderful!

If you like berries, this is the place for you. Nope, it is not that this village has a good market selling dirt cheap berries. It is because within just 5 minutes of hiking to the hill behind the village, there are probably a few jars of berries waiting for harvest. In fact, I picked half a jar myself yesterday. They are not as enormous as what sold in market, but they are delicious.

Talking about market, there is a chain market named ‘bunn pris’ just 3 minutes walking from my apartment. How convenient this is! But practice your “ya, takk” or “nei, takk” before going. You definitely wouldn’t want to request to speak in English when the cashier asks you “poser?”

For those who have had a virtual room tour with me, congratulations! I have been really busy turning on my webcam these few days. For those who are less fortunate, here are some pictures. Enjoy until we meet next time!