Thusis - Filisur - Pontresina - St.Moritz - Tirano

A Youth Backpacker in Europe
Part II Chapter VI
Thusis - Filisur - Pontresina - St. Moritz - Tirano

Travel Dates: 10/9/2008-11/9/2008

After Zürich, my Swiss journey embarked with a cycling trip from Thüsis to Filisur. I picked up my pre-booked bicycle at Thüsis train station, which costs me circa €30. It was a 3okm cycling route marked grade 6 in Swiss standard, which is the hardest. I believed it wouldn't be too bad. But I truly underestimated the overestimated average stamina level for a normal person in Swiss standard.

Still looking naively happy before the real torture kicked in. Sigh...

But seriously, even with crystal clear road signs, downhill was just too limited. It was good to perform some exercise, but I just didn't want to commit suicide whilst surrounded by heavenly environment.

It was plain exhausting. There was literally near to zero enjoyment. So I gave up in the end when I saw the sign showing Tiefencastel. Thanks God it was downhill this time. And whilst I was in the train to Pontresina, there was a sight which reminded me of my own misery - two cyclists paddling up the impossible Alps.

A side dish, the good thing about this kind of train I took is you can stick your head outside of the carriage and enjoy the fascinating Swiss natural beauty, if the massive glass window couldn't already quench your thirst for more. But be mindful, you wouldn't want to bang your head on the entrance of the too-many tunnels.

Before settled down in my only hostel in the entire Swiss travel at Pontresina, I went to the world renowned Landwasser Viaduct. at Filisur It is a UNESCO World Heritage. But seriously, not all that impressive to look at it up close. The weather probably didn't do it any justice as well. So I left. And who knew a check in to the hostel made me three new friends?

The next morning, it was an unexpected hiking trip to St. Moritz with these three newly made friends. It was easy walk but uneasy digestion to the constant bombardment of breathtaking scenery. Luckily I survived.

After 15 minutes more of walking, we arrived at St. Moritz. This is where winter Olympics was held for three times. The most number of times of the same city hosting the event. But of course, it doesn't look winter-y in September. Still a few hours before my train departure, what to do? What about a cheese fondue? Yum yum...

About an hour later, there it was the final Swiss tourist attraction - Brusio Viaduct. Yes, another one. But do you know this one is a cock screw like viaduct that revolves to a full 360 degree?

I quickly grasped the soon-going-to-be-missed Swiss Alps landscape whilst I still can. Did you see the snow capped Alps? Did you see how snow turned into stream? Did you see how there is always a lake suddenly? Now, are you feeling the same way as me - sourly jealous of Swiss to have this scenery everyday? Having reached the end station in Southern Switzerland, it is officially the denouement of my Swiss travel experience. Stood literally in between Switzerland (yellow building) and Italy (white building), a sense of thrill surged from the bottom of my heart. Can you believe I was finally in Italy?