Travel and Me

A travel consists of a journey and a destination. In the past, a journey – the act of transporting one person from a departure point to a final destination – was impeded by the advancement of technology. But today, with the elimination of technology barrier, the only albatross that prevents people from travelling is individual willingness.

One may cite financial constraint as another factor that denies travel. Undoubtedly, to fork out that expensive return flight tickets could exert a heavy burden on some. But there are still many other modes of transport available which sometimes are much preferred than flying alone. Take for instance my travel in Switzerland where train rides have become a much enjoyable means of transport than the rest. It would be an unacceptable deprivation of privilege if trains were eliminated from the list of preferred transport.  It simply is near impossible for one to appreciate the spectacular views the nation has to offer if travelling in Switzerland is without trains.

Weighing equally important as transport is the arrangement of accommodation – an inevitable headache to many. Very often, the decision is not limited to budget constraint, but also linked enormously to a chosen focus point in a particular city. Often, with many focus points wowing for attention, it is challenging to pin down to a final spot. Following the resolution to a shelter is the decision on restaurant and food. Travel also entails the selection of style. It could be relatively simple, easy and even adventurous if you are travelling alone, just like what I normally practice – backpacking. However, if you are fortunate enough, or consciously determine to have a company with you, it is vital to hammer out an impeccable plan that is founded on compromises and tolerance, which in my opinion is a more challenging endeavour than hoarding cash for travel.

Decision making prevails and is inevitable in travel. But the excitement of executing carefully planned itinerary guarantees an unforgettable travel experience escorted by memorable digital memories. Nonetheless, if borders are eliminated and randomness and spontaneities are allowed, it would be great for adventures. I of course am not suggesting that you throw yourself out of a flight’s window and start wandering in the wild of Africa Safari and find a way back to metropolitan London.  But remain flexible throughout a trip will often reward unexpected immersion in the culture, living, and chaos of a destination that is priceless.

When I was small, I was always fascinated by the travel diaries shared by a radio presenter and how she surprised herself to the many discoveries impossible in her country. I didn’t know if it was my ardent followings of her experience or my own innate worship towards travel, insane enthusiasm always prevails whenever I was introduced to travel related articles, pictures, stories, documentaries etc.  At one point, I even started imaging myself finding the love of my life on my trip to Istanbul. When I was in Istanbul, it was to my own surprise that I actually wandered between streets to locate the conceived love spot, unsuccessfully. The imaginary infatuation of course has faded eventually. And the radio presenter is no longer selling her travel stories for a living. But my love to travel remains.

My motivation in travel is simple – to always compare the sheer scale of the globe versus my limited life span, it makes me realise that life is too short to experience everything. However, through travels, my eyes are opened to unseen beauty of nature, to untouched cultural practices, and to unrivalled uniqueness of living. There is never a time for travel, there is never money sufficient for travel if you are not willing to, and there is never someone patiently waiting to travel with you. And to find out if travel is for you, there is only way – start travelling today.

Hang-gliding in Switzerland