Keukenhorf, the Netherlands

Every spring, there is one place in the Netherlands that guarantees flocks of local and foreign visitors – the Keukenhof, or the tulips garden.

Not to confuse with the name of a city, Keukenhof is actually the name of the tulips garden itself. However, because of the vast area covered by the garden (at approximately 32 hectares),  Keukenhof – also the world’s largest flower garden – is known to locals by its own name. Therefore, to simply mention Keukenhof when asking for direction is normally sufficient.
Nevertheless, Lisse is the name of the Dutch city that houses Keukenhof. And because it is not a city by itself, Keukenhof is only accessible by bus if travelling by public transport. However, between March and mid May every year, the bus company in the Netherlands will team up with the management of Keukenhof to issue a dual-purpose ticket for both the bus journey from Leiden train station and the entry to Keukenhof, and thus making visit to Keukenhof relatively hassle free.
There isn’t much to describe about Keukenhof except for the fields of endless tulips – either mono or multicolour to show off their hybrids – arranged in specially designed manner, set off by the numerous streams and fountains.  In addition, there is also a Japanese garden and a Dutch garden with the iconic Dutch windmill. Oh, there is also a peacock in Keukenhof that never tired of spreading and showing off its purely white tail feathers.
Katja and Me Keukenhof Keukenhof
Keukenhof, tulips field for export Keukenhof, in between the streams
Hybrid Tulips at Keukenhof Peacock at Keukenhof