Jiann Chyuan is wondering whether realisation of problems a sign of improvement.

Do we always call it problem? Or do we prefer to call it unresolved challenge? How would these two terms affect the way of thinking of people? Does it really sound more optimistic by labelling a problem as challenge?

What are your problems?

I have had a few conversations with Malaysian friends on the current hottest topic back home: general election. Many of them told me a change of course in the parliament is necessary and therefore they will vote for the opposition. I opine this is absolutely reasonable as I would also like to see how far the system can go in Malaysia.

But the problem (or challenge) is: Do we base our votes on the selection of parties or on the credibility of the candidates? Oh yes, you would say that they are evenly vital. But still, which one will you prioritise during the holy moment when you cast down your vote? Can we afford to gamble our future 5-year on two crosses?

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t imply voting against the so called mainstream is lethally risky. It is just that, are we truly prepared to face the uncertainties in the future before putting down our preference on a piece of paper?

Let’s leave the macroscopic view of problem. When the boundary of problems is constrained, we come to what we used to call personal problems. Working on a project in Zeeland, province of south Holland, I realise there are many problems (or challenges) within myself.

It is wise for me to stop blaming UTM because it didn’t arm me with essential and powerful weapons for post-graduate study. Because the utmost urgent task to be completed is to analyse how to increase my understanding in various fields within the shortest time possible. Oh yea, your bet on the plunging self esteem after studying in TU Delft is undoubtedly right.

I think it is similar to the English situation of Kin Fook. When you stop reflecting yourself in the mirror, you will tend to forget how imperfect you are. Staying inside the comfort zone wouldn’t do us anything good. Timely self check is therefore critical for everyone. However, I am wondering how much flaw am I able to bear before I give up permanently. Or will these cruel realities put me off at all?

Problems do exist. For example, I have zero idea about why visitors to this site hesitate to vote anonymously in the poll I have created on the right hand side. Are they not interested? Does this mean I don’t have to spend time writing and selecting the beautiful pictures from my photo album?

I am curious, and I would love to know what the problem is. Enlightenment is appreciated.