Who said they are shy?

Who said they are shy?

Shut up and stop telling me the piece of crap about how shy Norwegians can be! It is plain bullshit! Jiann Chyuan frisked through the entire body of Norwegian and found only this 18SX (or PG) photo.

Who was the one telling me that Norwegians are shy? The international office.
Who was the one telling me that Norwegians are shy? T
he student Union.
Who was the one telling me that Norwegian are shy? My flat mates.
Who were the one objecting that Norwegian are shy? THE NORWEGIANS.

Okay, I honestly have to admit that I’ve talked about Norwegians for like a thousand times. But frankly, you will never feel bored of talking about Norwegians, because they are as unpredictable as the notorious weather of Trondheim.

I mean look at the picture. You got to be kidding me like I’m a three-year-old mischievous child and easily deceived by the statement saying that Norwegians are shy. It was about one in the afternoon, the peak hour for people to pass by the busiest corridor in Gløshaugen, and this bunch of ‘shy’ Norwegians were lying naked on the floor in the central building.

Wait, I forgot there was another bunch of obviously ‘shy’ Norwegians singing in their elementary pyjamas. Did I tell you also another bunch of ‘Tarzans’ in their sexy semi-transparent leopard skin dress climbing on top of each other?

Okay, they were just playing games. But weren’t the games were crossing a little (in my interpretation, too much) of the border lines? But definitely, I salute their bravery. It is definitely not as easy as you think when it comes to destroying the barrier of your shamefulness.

So the question is back to the origin. If they are really that shy, why would they choose to do this? It was totally contradictory to what they labelled themselves with. Are they simply just desperate for attention? I don’t know. But to choose to flash your I-suppose-defined body sculpture to the public, in the most crowded area, during the busiest time, there must be some hidden agendas.

Of course, I think they were very successful in giving a sight of sore eyes to the passers-by. I hope so. Because I noticed there was certainly an awesome amount of public couldn’t take their eyes off the round tight ass exposed in the air, while they were actually complaining about their confusion on Norwegians.

I’m not sure why they want to have these kinds of activities in the very first place. I heard that some student organisations are actually having all sort of outrageous recruitment methods for their new members. Of course, lying naked on the floor might be a common one after all.

Well, at least from the memories that I can recall, I have not really seen any Norwegians whom eagerly and sometimes constantly giving a free show to public was hanging in a pair of loose, worn out briefs. Commonly but not coincidentally, they are always with this cute and tight briefs, printed with colourful patterns. I just couldn’t help myself but wondering how much efforts they have put into selecting the right briefs to show off when they knew they are going to have some tiger show in the public.

It is kind of unfair if I stereotype all Norwegians with this incident. When I showed my Norwegian flat mate eagerly with my proudest snapshot of the day, I felt lucky that I have actually got a very positive answer.

He told me it was plain stupid for people to do this. Okay, at least I can tell that he is sane. Well, I think if he was the one performing this action, he will not loose to anyone of the ‘performers’. Certainly, he has got a cute face and his work outs in the gym have certainly increased his attractiveness by a lot. But that is not the point. The point is not all Norwegians actually possess the same acceptance level.

Outrageous or acceptable? I will leave it to you to decide.