It is FREE!

It is FREE!

Living in one of the most expensive countries in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that worrying about money and expenses is always a top mission, discovered Jiann Chyuan.

“Where did you get this dairy book from?” Asked someone.

“I have got my free lunch and stainless steel mug from SiT Bolig,” told someone.

“Do you know that they are distributing this 8-metre long cake?” shouted someone excitedly.

“Oh you got to go to the Sentral Building. There are tonnes of free gift bags waiting for everyone!” someone yielded.

“1GB memory stick given out for free in Career Day!” someone screamed while flashing the memory stick.

So you see, in Norway, one of the most expensive countries to live in the world, is always astoundingly exciting to me because, not for other reason, but the constant doses of free goodies.

I don’t know how much stuff I’ve got for free until now. I don’t have to care about it, do I? Ce

rtainly, the only thing I should really concern about is when and where for the next free gifts session.

But very often, you will not miss it. It is always located at the sentral building, the highly populated area in Gløshaugen. Everday, you will see different student organisation setting up booth to promote something. Of course, this include the my previous infamous naked post, which they didn’t hand out free gift, but performing free body art.

And whenever there is a booth, it is very often, but not always, that they distribute something pleasant that you feel that it is rude to say no to. What is it? It could be a pen, a dairy book, a gift voucher, detergent, food, tiny electronic devices, t-shirt, and even condom (I’ve got three!). In some events which they are big enough, you will very often carry away with a few bags of goodies in just a short instant.

I am not a greedy person. But it is the norm of having free gift that makes you feel like you are one. Sometimes, when I see something pleasant, displaying in bulk quantity, in front of a booth or something, it is just so normal to approach someone and ask, “Can I take one of these?”

Of course, answers are always very affirmative. :D

But there are also occasions when there are just too much (uncountable noun is used here with purpose) until there is no time for question and answer session. The only action required under such circumstance is just to take out your hand waiting for something to drop onto your palm. And then, go!

It is not challenging for someone to cultivate to habit to approach a group of people just to check out whether there is any free gifts. Don’t get me wrong. It is not constantly checking out for gifts. It is just to avoid the hassle to go back to the same place again an hour later after you have heard about a free gift news in the lecture from your friends.

But still, after all the free gifts, the desire of spending money is still very high in me! All because of H&M.


Left: Career Day (like career fair), where I got my 1GB memory stick.
Right: Random gift distribution. Blurry image because everyone is pushing everyone as in order to get free gifts.