Turkey, Introduction

A Youth Backpacker in Europe

Part III Chapter I
Turkey, Introduction

IMG_8025 My attempt to draft the very first paragraph of my recent trip to Turkey had resulted in the emergence of unsolicited panoply of ideas rivalling keenly through the introduction entrance. The inundation of ideas had triggered my indecisiveness and troubled my search for the perfect opening to this unforgettable voyage.

Why a task which should be an airy dance of fingers on the keyboards turned unfortunately into an endeavour to finalise the most representative theme about TurkeIMG_8055y? I delved into the cause of the unexpected hardship, performed a thorough diagnosis by browsing through my photos galore and I delightfully discovered the explanation.

Turkey is a vast area country and possesses a potpourri of cultures that renders a single introduction impossible or inappropriate. In order to convey the many unique impressions about Turkey, I decided to challenge myself to deliver them via multiple short paragraphs.

“If Mecca is the IMG_8209ultimate destination of Muslims, I consider Turkey to be the place of pilgrimage in my very own world. I am neither a religious person nor a Muslim. However, a secret bonding has formed between Turkey and I since the first time I saw a documentary about the Islamic country of Turkey on TV. A two-week visit to Turkey had not transformed me religiously, but it had inspired me more than any of the visits I had in the past.”

“Majority of the people limit their knowledge and constrain their destination selection to the magical metropolis of Istanbul and the breezily warm Antalya  at the Mediterranean coast when it comes to visiting Turkey. However, I quIMG_9071enched my thirst for nature by travelling to Central Anatolia where I had literally got my breath taken away by the charm and impressiveness of the land of beautiful horses.”

“The wealth of history from Roman to Ottoman Empire and the abundance selection of healthy Mediterranean cuisines are undoubtedly attractive facets of Turkey. However, it was the eerie and extremely superb hospitality that impressed me deeply into my core. I must apologise for my selfish cynicism, but I did initiIMG_8743ally perceive Turkish people to be nothing but a bunch of  (pleasant) hospitable extremists.”

“I was warned to prepare sunscreen prior to my Turkey trip but I ignored the sincere advice deliberately. I regretted during my trip, only for a minimum period of time. Travelling from west to central Turkey between March and April gave me the opportunity to experience four seasons in two weeks. Other than needed to shield myself under the blistering hot sun in Istanbul, I found it extremely necessary to moisturise in the bitterly cold Cappadocia.”

“By no mean I aIMG_8295m going to imply Turkish people are racists. But surprisingly,  for the very first time, I found my Asian origin gave me a favourable advantage during my two-week trip to Turkey. It indeed was bizarre. Who would have thought Asians are better received than Europeans when the country had repetitively applied to become a member of EU? Not to be mistaken, no one is discriminated but Asians are just simply more welcomed in Turkey.”

“No one faces the hardship to fall in love with Turkey. It could be the enticing IMG_8059food or the mesmerising nature. But my special fondness to Turkey had been the constant shower of the seni seviyorum (I love you) expression by my hosts. Forget about language barrier because the will of Turkish people to connect with you could  never be deterred by the trouble to adopt online translation service.”

“My visit to Turkey had not only expanded my body size, but also my mind. Everything tends to be simple and direct in this energetic country, be it a memorable birthday celebration or an unique opportunity to teach English in university. Immerse IMG_8305yourself fully in the food, the nature and the undecorated straight-forwardness of the people and I am sure you will end up in a similar situation like me, wishing your trip to Turkey will never come to an end.”