Vatican City, the… Vatican City

A Youth Backpacker in Europe

Part II Chapter VIII

Vatican City, the…Vatican City

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It was a “holy” journey. It all started with the subway ride when everybody left the same  underground station. I wasn’t aware of the number of religious people surrounded me, but there were immense. I only started to realise that despite the unspoken conversation, we all shared the same destination – the Vatican City.

I didn’t even have to advise my map to get to the direction due to the swamp of tourists/worshippers/strollers that marched towards a single direction. I knew exactly where they were heading. I couldn’t beIMG_7498 wrong.

No one spoke a single word and the atmosphere was somewhat intense in the early morning.

And then I was there, stood in the middle of the St. Peter’s Square, observing this vast area and tried to imagine the crowd during the speech of the Pope. I was, hmm, emotionless. Excuse me but I am not a Christian or a Catholic.

It was bewildered to witness a large horde of people rushed towards the “conference room” this  early in the morning to listen to what the PoIMG_7488pe had got to say that day. Thousands and thousands of people were literally trying to test the capacity limit of the room.

It was confusing and I didn’t know where to go. The many entrances around the square seemed like a cobweb sprawling towards every possible direction and there were so many different queues and I had no idea which queue was for which purpose.

Therefore, I came out with the simplest solution – go for the shortest queue. And voila! I was in the building, walked pass aisle of aisle of “Popes” sleeping in serenity. And then I was in another level, observingIMG_7491 some statues and paintings under the glittering and glamorous golden coated poles and rooftops decorations.

The entire environment was literally an imposition of the wealth and virility what a religion is capable of grasping and portraying.
And I saw the Pope, not quite literally but via the massive screen set up around St. Peter’s Square. What was his speech about? I had no clue at all. First of all, it wasn’t in a language I am familiar with. And more importantly, it wasn’t even a topic I could relate myself to.

There were so many travel guides that promise an entire day of visit in the Vatican City. But I deserted the place before midday. Whilst I was leaving the square at my back, I wondered, if it wasn’t because of the Pope, if it wasn’t because of the religion, will this place has any other major significance?

That was an unanswerable question. And I didn’t really care. All I cared about was where my next destination was in Rome, or simply started to study on my London trip.