Zürich, the Best Living Quality City

A Youth Backpacker in Europe
Part II Chapter V
Zürich, the Best Living Quality City

City: Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Currency: Swiss Franc
Travel Dates: 07/09/2008 - 10/09/2008

Contradictory t
o many common beliefs, Zürich is not the capital of Switzerland. Instead, Bern is actually the capital city. However, Zürich often steals the lime light as the commercial and cultural capital of Switzerland. Does it have the quality to be crowned such a heavy title? I can’t do the justification as Bern wasn’t in my travel list. But if the best living quality city is the title of survey, my vote will definitely be casted to Zürich.

Located just 30km north of the Alps, Zürich is definitely a green city. With great hiking spots such as Uetliberg just a subway away from the city centre, Zürich is definitely offering its inhabitants the perfect blending quality of life between work and a peace of mind.

And if wooded hills are not dazzling to you, the very scenic Lake Zürich or Zürichsee, which had now cliché scenery to me, was another charming facet of the city. Lake Zürich if according to me is a literally harmonious living environment for human, animals, and commerce. Boarded on a city boat at central station to casino stop had opened my eyes to the optimised utilisation of the lake. Very often, an observation to a protruding human head next to a boat in the middle of the lake, with slight decoration of a few lazing swans as background was not something bizarre.

I didn’t visit to any pub in the city, which of course is what a typical day in Zürich is famous for, as I had a great host orgainising various activities for me. But I reckon if I am literate in German language, which is the common language spoken at this part of Switzerland, I am sure inundation of the liveliness of Swiss living lifestyle is inevitable and pretty much welcomed. Even a simple stroll along Lake Zürich soothed my sight with ordinary people appraising the finest quality of living.

Swiss people claim lifestyle in Zürich is hectic. Undoubtedly, the traffic was slightly busy than any other city in Switzerland. However, this is a city that shows a brilliant management and coordination of human manoeuvre. And most importantly, despite being labelled one of the most expensive living cities in the world, public transports was surprisingly very tourist friendly.

A simple day ticket that grants access to all mean of transport is cheap. And if you have the various discount package, for example the half price ticket as I had, transportation in Zürich could mean literally nothing in your expenses.

But surely, infamously known as the most expensive city in the world is not without reasons. A simple sandwich package bought in a convenient store could be some 30% pricier than any other capital in Europe. But with the average earning well above the average in other capitals, who would care about the prices here?

One good thing about travelling in Zürich in September was the weather was lovely. The weather was nicely ranged between 14C to 22C, with much appreciated sunshine. And even though I wouldn’t risk my life again in the future, I would still recommend a free bicycle rental from one of the many points around the city that gives you the pleasure, if not nerve wrecking, to explore the city’s relatively fast paced traffic. Beware of the speedy and less considerate cars though as there is no specific cycling lanes in most parts of the city. But this doesn’t affect much of a great impression left for the city.

If there is one place in the world that worth lifelong living consideration, Zürich is definitely highly recommended. I enjoyed my time in Zürich, and certainly the €26 for 16 tiny chocolate balls.