Summer Trip Prelude

A Youth Backpacker in Europe
Part Two Summer Trip 2008


In my last post, I mentioned Berlin was the “last” stop of my winter trip. It was actually not because I took a detour to Hamburg on the last day of my month long travel since Berlin had literally killed my passion for travel with its persistently stubborn downpour.

However, Hamburg will not be featured in this column as in my opinion it would be unjustifiable to describe a city when I was only putting my footprints on a few streets.

And then the travelogue is supposed to continue with my adventures in the Netherlands. But I have decided to reserve it until the time when travel entries run dry. And right, there is also the experience in Kalimantan and Great Yarmouth during my summer internship. For the same reason, they are refrigerated.

Therefore, here comes the prelude of my recent summer trip to France, Switzerland, Italy and London.

The trip had claimed my many firsts; the first time travelling alone overseas, the first time staying at random strangers homes, the first time not concentrating on tourist destinations, the first time of spending more money on ice-cream than on food, and the first time of, wait, that is a piece of private information.

A comment left in the previous post taught me into learning the colours of unexpected rather than the frustrations of expected. Strangely, this is somehow connected to my recent rather unplanned summer trip.

If a picture conveys a thousand words, I am going to give you a wall of pictures. Bon voyage with me in due course.

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