Great Yarmouth, Cheap Tourist City

I know it has been a long while since my last update. The reason, internship. Travelled to Kalimantan in the beginning of July and then came back to the Netherlands after three weeks. And then got re-posted by company a day after to England. So voila, here I am in Great Yarmouth, east coast of England. Heard that this is probably the roughest coastline in the North Sea. Well, so far, the nasty English weather is not prevailing. I guess summer season does help.

So, I guess you know this is not going to be a typical travel post that I normally make. Accessing the internet from wireless connection in hotel, nothing much to expect. Constant discontinuation is more likely. And everytime when there is a huge amouth of data transfer, I will get disconnected. It means no upload of picture. Therefore, this is not an ordinary travelogue from Sambaldeli.

Anyway, I will still share some travel experience with you. But they are my travel experiences in Banjarmasin and Great Yarmouth because under the reason of travel light, I didn't bring my travel diary with me, and my winter travel diary is inside.

Firstly, Banjarmasin. It is the capital of South Kalimantan. I thought it would be a huge city, but I was disappointed. Not that it is not huge enough. But it is monstrously huge just because of the population. As any typical city in Indonesia, the only thing to see in Banjarmasin is human, human, and more human. It is evident that the city is expanding because of the population and nothing else.

The traffic on the street, it was hardly imaginable. There wasn't a lot of cars, but motorcyclists were everywhere and they costed me five minutes before I managed to cross a road. There was apparently a floating market which according to my colleague, a waste of time. There was also something called a boat trip to a monkey island. But apparently, you only sit in the boat passing by the monkey island.

Sounds like I am complaining. But I am not exactly. Growing up in Malaysia, how much difference I would have expected between Indonesian and Malaysian was obvious. Monkey, it might be interesting to European, but not me. Floating market, perhaps it is just people selling goods on boats. By having said these, I didn't involve to any of the aforementioned activities.

Great Yarmouth, on the other hand, is a complete different story. According to my colleague, it is a, C.H.E.A.P English toursit city. Funny? Yes, indeed!

After slightly more than a week here, I have to agree with my colleagues that Great Yarmouth is indeed a popular beachfront city for poor English people. Not the mention the nasty English weather that mostly rain prevailing. It was because having a beautifully wide sandy beach but a deadly cold North Sea just doesn't make it interesting for, at least me, a typical tropical beach lover.

I went for a swim in the North Sea for the first time in my life last weekend. The moment I was in the water, I thought I was going to meet my creator in a few minutes. It was deadly cold. Okay, maybe it wasn't a great idea in the very first place to swim in the sea. But if you keep moving, you will soon get used to the sea temperature and be able to enjoy a little bit. But still, don't spend too much time in it. Because the harbour my company is building is just a mile away.

What to say? Poor English people.

Okay, you may have noticed I am not revealing a lot here. Because this is just an update for greater travel stories in the future. I will be back with more detailed travel bites in Banjarmasin and Graet Yarmouth. See you soon! I hope.