When Sweet Life Stops

Note: I decided to leave my travel column for a week. Proceed if you are interested. However, the further I reached in writing this post, the messier it got. Eventually, most parts got deleted.

Last week, someone exerted me with a massive imposition with a fully loaded shopping bag of chocolate, and saying in a birthday card: Contact me when sweet life stops.

Another one then told me: Dead by chocolate.

The third one, consoling me when I was sad later the week by saying: Have a piece of chocolate and it will be all fine.

Indeed, chocolate and banana form most parts of my character. However, I couldn’t help but wonder: Will chocolate cause intolerance when you are having excessive amount of it, even when there is no such thing called excessive chocolate intake in your dictionary?

Suddenly, I feel like sweet chocolate stops “chocolating” my life. Should I start contacting the first person? What if the message was only meant to be a constant supply of chocolate and not a guarantee of sweet life?

I am confused and start feeling intolerant.