Holland, Delft, TU Delft

After a month long winter trip, Jiann Chyuan is discovering study in Holland is just the beginning of another greatest trip.

Thank you everyone for the support during my absence.
I make sincere apology for the empty promise in my previous post.
Luggage didn’t come in on time and I had my laptop stuck in Trondheim.

Where am I now?
Study the title of this post and you will get the answer.
Yup, I’m in Holland, or the Netherlands, in the city of Delft, studying in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Delft University of Technology.

First impression? Impressive.
I have never realised how amazing a world class university can be.
TU Delft has really impressed me in every single way.
Great facilities, crowded with multi-talented students and researchers, really multi-faceting every student.
What more can I say?

A lesson learnt from the university:
If a book can’t be judge by its cover, it is the same theory to buildings.
Concrete covered, dull exterior, except for extra-ordinary design of buildings.
However, it was a totally different world interiorly.
Colourful yet simple, neat and organised, and surprisingly filled with youthful atmosphere for this 160 year-old university.

About Delft? Lovely.
Small city, but bigger than Trondheim.
Historical city centre with modern shops.
Amazing student town atmosphere and lively business centre co-existing.

About Holland? Freedom.
No, not about drug and pot.
No, not about sex and window shopping.
It is about the freedom to live your own life.
It is about the freedom to explore your own creativity and to pursue your dream.
It is about the freedom that is not mentioned by mouth, but buried deeply in the soul of every person.

About Indonesian in Holland? Everywhere.
About food in Holland? Everything fried.
About study in Holland? World-class.
About red light district in Holland? Dying.
About tulip in Holland? Not yet the season.
About bicycles in Holland? Immense!
About cheese in Holland? Tantalising.
About Dutch people in Holland? Tall, really tall, really strangely tall!

About me adjusting myself in Holland?
Ik hou van het. (I’m loving it.)