Nocturnally Active?

The foot step of winter just round the corner, Jiann Chyuan is inhaling carefully as he feels that his life is tangling loosely on the thread ten-thousand feet above ground, seriously threatened.

When I first laid my feet on the land of Norway, I was fatally tired from the insufficient sleep I experienced after transiting for few stretches of flights. I fell asleep in Gardemoen Airport.

The first moment I regained consciousness after sleeping like a dead corpse for approximately five-hour, the sky was still painted in pale blue. I remembered that it was twenty-hundred hour.

Yes, it was the first time I realised I had waved goodbye to living in the dull blistering-hot-entire-year equator.

I wasn’t indulged in such a drastic change at first. Instead, I would definitely call it a torture to people coming from equator. You see, we, people so used to living with the presence of sun, were suddenly having too much of it.

Come on! I was waking at four in the morning the first week I was in Trondheim because it was exactly when the sun rose. And worse, the sun set only at 10p.m., and that was what confused to the extend of driving me insane as I always thought the night was still young.

However, just when I finally adjusted myself (and my body) to the extreme lengthy daytime, I was strike with extreme lengthy night time.

Now, the situation is completely the opposite. With the foot step of winter just around the corner, and my final examinations are threateningly close, I just couldn’t afford to live the way a winter life should be.

Darkness is really showing no mercy to me, a diurnally active human being. Getting up in the morning is obviously one of the biggest challenges (the sun never rise when you are suppose to run over to bus stop, carefully make sure you do not fall on snowy road), but keeping myself awake at night is equally unbearable.

I don’t know. For me, after about five-hour of darkness, my body natural call for a good night sweet dream is ringing off the hook. But it is only 8p.m. Oh god please don’t kill me in this way! I have exams underway.

But honestly, I still enjoy sitting in front of my window, putting my feet over the heater which constantly heating up my feet with super hot air, while sloshing myself with the beautiful scenery of snow falling.

I want more snow to play snow battle! Should I sing Britney’s gimme gimme more? Whatever!